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The Vanishing Lease...

Howdy Kaymar Magic people!

Sorry we have been so quiet - as some of you will know, about four months ago we got an office (until then, Kaymar had been a home business) and we managed to make a little bit of space for what was a magic studio (not a filming one - a shop!).

I can't deny, it was pretty much perfect, and something that I've always wanted since I first worked at Kaymar Magic when I was a kid, and Morley Budden owned it.

However, we've had some adventures - Louise, who had the lease on the building for 5 years, and who we were subletting it from, pulled the best trick of all and vanished, without passing any of the money onto the owner of the building, or paying any of the utility bills!  A true magic trick!

With no access to the owner of the building, warrants outstanding on the property to cut off the power, and the fact that we were there illegally, meant that we had to get moving.

So, we are no longer at 10A Crown Street, and although we hadn't even officially opened the shop, we had a fair number of regular visitors.

However, I acted fast and have found a new premises, and with the help of family, friends and customers, we got the majority of the stock moved up TWO flights of stairs, and are hoping to be fully operational in the next few days.

All orders are being shipped as usual, and emails answered ASAP, but expect to hear more of us in the next few days!

Thanks for all your support!


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  • Mark Craven on

    Best of luck in the new place.

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