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Rematch by Bob King

Bob King's REMATCH is an absolute gem, and a trick I've used for nearly twenty years!

The Casino KICK Deck!

This is a classic and powerful card effect made better than ever! This deck is made entirely from REAL casino cards from Las Vegas!

The Gamble by Steve Cook

An astonishing mentalism routine where you predict the spectators chosen poker chip - using JEDI POWERS! (maybe).

Gaff-Tacular by Stephen Tucker, presented by Liam Montier

Gaff-Tacular celebrates Stephen Tucker's magic by collecting six of the very best gaffed card tricks and putting them onto DVD.

S.L.O.B by Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell's Oblique Brainwave.

Vacuum taken from Mojo by Liam Montier

12 shiny pieces of magic you can instantly download!

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