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Hungarian Guessing Game (AKA Gypsy Curse) by Peter Kane

Peter Kane was an undisputed legend, and The Gypsy Curse is a CLASSIC - a definitive version of the Wild Card plot that Peter himself created.

Fortune by Liam Montier - Kaymar EXCLUSIVE!

'Fortune' is Liam's quirky presentation for the classic 'Just Chance' routine, perfect for close up or larger performances, and working for anything between 1 and 5 spectators.

Bagged by Steve Cook

A Joker, placed inside a self-seal plastic bag (or cloth drawstring bag) transposes with a spectators signed card in the deck!

GALAXIAN by Stephen Tucker

The ultimate 'Out of This World' with a shocking kicker finish! Galaxian is an ingenious ‘Out of This World’ that is performed with the cards face up!

S.L.O.B by Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell's Oblique Brainwave.

The Kick - KAYMAR EXCLUSIVE by Harry Baron!


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