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Affected by Berglas by Marc Paul

A.C.A.A.N. The magician's dream effect!

Fortune by Liam Montier - Kaymar EXCLUSIVE!

'Fortune' is Liam's quirky presentation for the classic 'Just Chance' routine, perfect for close up or larger performances, and working for anything between 1 and 5 spectators.

Bagged by Steve Cook

A Joker, placed inside a self-seal plastic bag (or cloth drawstring bag) transposes with a spectators signed card in the deck!

GALAXIAN by Stephen Tucker

The ultimate 'Out of This World' with a shocking kicker finish! Galaxian is an ingenious ‘Out of This World’ that is performed with the cards face up!

Rematch by Bob King! KAYMAR EXCLUSIVE!

Rematch is an absolute gem, and a trick I've used for nearly twenty years!

Detection by Steve Cook and Roy Johnson

Using a set of cluedo style cards, impossibly reveal the murderer, the victim and the murder weapon chosen by your star witness!

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