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Poor Man's Cups and Balls - Kaymar Magic
Kaymar Magic

Poor Man's Cups and Balls


Liam says...

I picked this up at a convention years back, and thought it was really cool!  The demo video is to music, and I think that means the beginning phases are kind of unclear - much better if you are talking so you can point out the effect...

'The first ball goes under the first cup - and tap - it goes right through them all'.

The final loads are a total surprise, and the set comes with the slightly scary rabbit cards, OR (and these are the ones I use) three fruits!

Poor Man's Cups and Balls also makes a great gift for a fellow magician - the packaging is lovely, the instructions are on a small and cute custom printed booklet, and the cards are charming!

Official Description...

An all time classic that fits in your pocket.

A packet of cards with 3 cups and 3 balls: a poor man's version of the classic "Cups & Balls" effect.

The 3 balls penetrate the cups one after another.

All 3 balls penetrate the cups at the same time and land on one single card.

As a surprise ending, all 3 balls transforms into 3 different kinds of fruits (or rabbits as an alternate ending).

Reset right away for your next performance.

Comes with:

- the cups and balls cards
- extra gimmick cards for an alternative ending

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