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Big Bang by Kristin Pipho - Kaymar Magic
Kaymar Magic

Big Bang by Kristin Pipho

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Liam says...

Very clever gimmick for a trick that gets a KILLER reaction - a regular glass lightbulb is placed into a clear bag, which is clipped shut so you can't get to it at all.  Indeed, you just hold the bag by the very top corner - your hands don't go anywhere near the lightbulb.

Direct everyones attention to the lightbulb, focus their energies (etc) and BAM!  The lightbulb explodes into pieces!

Reputation making effect, that's for sure!

The packaging is beaten up, and the trick has been used a fair few times.  However, it all works 100%, includes the gimmick, bags, and video CD instructions.

Official blurb...

One of the best exploding lightbulb effects ever created!

Big Bang is the ultimate demonstration of psychokinesis. Place any ordinary lightbulb in a clear bag - completely sealing it off. From this point on you never touch the bulb, and spectators can clearly see the bulb and straight through the bag. Concentrate all of your mental energy on the bulb...

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